Still in The Stone Age

It is the 14th October and we are still in the Stone Age.

We have learned that the Stone Age is called the Stone Age

because it was a time that tools and weapons were made of stone.


We learned that there was a cliff fall at Rathdown in 1992.

Stone flints were found in the rocks and stones that fell.

That is how people know that people lived at Rathdown

during the Stone Age.

Mollusc shells on marine beach (Cayo Costa Island, Florida, USA) 24Creative Commons License James St. John via Compfight

Because we are both animal lovers and own dogs,

we really enjoyed learning about how man and dogs

became friends when Stone Age man went hunting.

Man and dog helped each other hunt.

That way they both got fed.

You can read more about how dogs

became loyal to humans HERE.

Man’s best friend is the dog.

This is still true today.

'Man's Best Friend', United States, New York, Hamtpons, Sag Harbor Chris Ford via Compfight

We sketched Stone Age man wearing animal skins.

We drew man’s best friend.

We are making a collage of a deciduous forest.

Ireland was covered in deciduous forest during the Stone Age.

West Branch Research and Demonstration Forest (25)Creative Commons License Nicholas A. Tonelli via Compfight

The opposite of deciduous is evergreen.

Deciduous trees lose their leaves.

The leaves turn yellow, red and brown in Autumn.

Then they fall off the trees.

Evergreen trees stay green all year round.

#adventure #wildlife #outdoors #pine #newjersey #jersey #wandering #tabernacle digital_rex via Compfight

We have been working in 2D.

We are planning to do some work in 3D.

We are going to build a type of shelter

that Stone Age man would have used long ago.


Stone Age man was a hunter gatherer.

He would move around to hunt animals and gather food.

He gathered berries, nuts, seeds, mushrooms,

leaves, birds’ eggs and shellfish.

So they needed a shelter that was

quick and easy to build.


We built a model of the kind of shelter they used.

To make this we used tree branches, twigs,

leaves and material that can look like animal skin.

We used plasticene too. You can see it HERE


We will also do some work on the First Farmers.

When we have finished working on the Stone Age,

we will move on to the Bronze Age.


By Jack and Sean

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