Links for Teachers – Record of Protected Structures – Wicklow County Council Area, 2016

Saorstát Eireann/King George V Irish post wallbox (1910's / 1920’s) - Durrow, County OffalyCreative Commons License Stuart via Compfight

There is a list of protected structures in Greystones on pages 16-23 of the link at the bottom of this page.


Among the structures on this link

are a number of post boxes around Greystones

that date from a time when Ireland was part of the United Kingdom.

If you see VR on the post box, that stands for Queen Victoria

so it is a postbox put up between 1853-1901.

ER VII on a post box stands for Edward VII (put up between 1901-1910)

GR on a post box stands for George V so it was put up after 1910

and before Ireland became independent in 1922.

These postboxes would originally have been painted red.


Record of Protected Structures – Wicklow County Council Area, 2016

Please note the postbox in the photo on this post is not taken in Greystones

however it is an Irish postbox.


Questions for Students:

Can you see the letters on this postbox.

From looking at the letters can you tell when this postbox dates from?


Keep an eye out for the postboxes in your neighbourhood.

Do they have any markings on them that show when they were put up?

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