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This is a history project. We had lots of history resources in the school. There were essays and projects students had done over the years and notes that teachers had made about local history. Though some  work was saved online most of it was on paper. Students doing local history projects and teachers preparing for lessons had to spend time going through lots of boxes of stuff to find information. 

The papers were old, dusty and messy. There was a risk we would lose this information. People might think it was rubbish and throw it out. It would be better if we put it altogether online. Then students and teachers could find the information more easily. Then students could find the information on their laptops. Teachers could put the information on the whiteboard for their classes. We think the posts on local history will save on teachers having to photocopy information and the blog will make the lesson more interesting for the students.

We hope that other schools in the area will be interested in our history blog. Though a lot of it is about Greystones, we connect local history to times like the Stone Age and the Vikings, etc. We hope when we tweet a link about something we put on the blog, people will discover our site, find it useful come back to visit and tell other people about our site.

We have a menu on top and the categories and contents on the side bar too. We hope people will be able to find things easily. We like to include links on our pages so that people who visit one page are encouraged to travel deeper into our blog and find out more about history. 

To make it fun for students we added videos, online games and activities. We have reviewed a lot of these so you will know which are the best one. 

We have collected lot of the work on the blog from teachers in the school, the history stored on paper in the school, students in the school at the moment and work left behind from students who have left the school, parents and grandparents.  So we had a lot of typing to do.  We call this section From the Archives. Sometimes choosing the photos to go with the posts took longer than typing out the post but choosing the right photo was fun.

We are also trying to put new work about local history on the blog too. As time go by we hope to add to this blog. We hope to include student work that ties in with local history like art and drama and podcasts.

We have done a lot of googling. This has been like a treasure hunt. What we have found can be very random. We have found interesting links about the history of Greystones, stone age times, the Bronze Age and the Vikings right up to the present day. We have added these links, games and activities to the blog. We think this has been the most exciting part of doing this work.

We would like to thanks teachers that have now retired from the school. They had a great interest in the History of Greystones and put a lot of these resources together. So thank you Mrs.McGloin, Mrs.Doyle and Mrs.Foy. Take a bow.

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