References to the books we used to research Women of the Revolution

When the La Touche Legacy organisers first asked us to present a piece the Festival of History, we brainstormed.

We decided we wanted to write about the women of the revolution who had connections to Greystones.

Sixth Class teacher, Mr. Dodd was reading ‘Rebel Sisters’ by Marita Conlon-McKenna,

and he told us about the links between the Gifford Sisters and Greystones. 


This book is fictional though based on fact.

To learn more about Muriel and Grace Gifford,

we read  Anne Clare’s ‘Unlikely Rebels: The Gifford Girls’, published by Mercier.


Other books we found useful were

‘Éamon de Valera – A Will to Power’ by Ronan Fanning.

‘De Valera’ by Tim Pat Coogan,

‘De Valera in America’ by Dave Hannigan.

‘Big Fellow, Long Fellow’

(a joint biography of Éamon de Valera and Michael Collins) by T. Ryle Dwyer

‘History of Greystones Convent and Blacklion School’ by Sister Mary Dolorosa

(unpublished pamphlet, 1964)

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