From the Archives: An Unwelcome Visitor – September 1649

Leap Year Times – Saturday, February 29th, 1992

by Jennifer Browett from Mrs. McGloin’s 4th Class at that time.

Oliver CromwellCreative Commons License Mike Steele via Compfight

Strange things have happened at Killincarrig Castle in recent days.

The village Castle has been plundered by an English General called Cromwell

who arrived here with a large army. Two arrests have been made since his departure.


Last week we heard that Cromwell was approaching on his march from Drogheda to Wexford.

Rumours reached us of dreadful happening in  Drogheda.

The confederate troops who were holding the castle ran away before he arrived and took refuge in Arklow.


The local people are not too impressed about this. However Cromwell’s horse was stolen by Luke O Toole’s son Christopher who had been staying at Kindlestown Castle. So Cromwell will have reason to remember his visit here.

After his departure leaving a large garrison at the castle, a man called John Bayley, a soldier, stationed at Killincarrig, was tried for desertion. He was only sentenced to run the gauntlet.


Yesterday I heard that Kathleen Farrell a local woman has been arrested. At a special court she has been convicted of spying and sentenced to death. She was taken away to Dublin and as of yet we don’t know of her fate. The villagers will never forget these past two weeks.

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