1798 Rebellion

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During the 1798 rebellion, the Irish rebels hid

in Killincarrig Castle to avoid getting caught!


St.Patrick’s Church, Kilquade was burnt down in 1798.

Killincarrig Castle

Killincarrig Castle was a manor house

built about 1620.

This manor seemed a popular place

for both soldiers and rebels to stay over the centuries.


During the Eleven Years War (1641-1653)

the castle became a stronghold

by the Catholic Confederates.


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After that in 1649, legend has it that Oliver Cromwell

an English leader came to stay.

He was considered to be a hero in England,

but a villain in Ireland, responsible for

great loss of life in Ireland.

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The legend says that Cromwell

spent a night in Killincarrig Castle

and that he posted some troops there

while he went south in search of his horse

which had been stolen by the Irish rebels.

On the same trip, he ransacked Kindlestown.


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Later in history, during the 1798 rebellion,

the Irish rebels hid there after to avoid getting caught!

Some of us have visited this ruin.

It is in a lady’s back garden and is a protected structure.

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Evidence of Killincarrig’s past has been found

such as old muskets, pistol balls, gunpowder measures

and other such equipment which were found in

and around the castle.

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We think we are lucky to live in a place

that has such a rich and interesting history.


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