Did you know when Greystones Library was built …

… some people thought it was NOT a good idea?

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We LOVE Greystones Library and were very surprised to hear this.

You can read more about when Greystones Library was first built

and what people said HERE on the ‘Our Wicklow Heritage’ website

in an article called ‘The Library That Wasn’t Welcome’

by local historian Rosemary Raughter.

Famous People – Michael Collins and Kitty Kiernan planned to live in Greystones.

This is the  house across the road from our school

on Trafalgar Road in Greystones.

Chloe and Kelyn’s Granny and Grandad live there.

It is called Brooklands.

In the summer of 1922 Michael Collins and his fiancée

Kitty Kiernan planned to buy this house,

once they were married.

Tragically Michael Collins

was killed in an ambush

in West Cork on 22nd August 1922 .

Michael Collins is a famous Irishman.

He was a leader in the Irish struggle

for independence.

Roman graves in Bray

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How do we know the Romans came to Greystones?

We don’t.

But we know they got as far as Bray,

so perhaps they got down the road to Greystones too.

A number of Roman graves were found at Bray Head, Co. Wicklow in 1835.

Although we don’t have a great deal of information about the find,

we know these graves contained skeletons

with stones placed at their head and feet.

In the graves were copper coins of the time of the Emperor Tragan (97-117 AD)

and the Emperor Hadrian (117-138 AD).

It was the Roman custom to put coins in a grave.

The legend was that you had to pay the boatman Charon

who brought people across the River Acheron

to the Land of the Dead.

We got this information from the

Irish Archaeology.ie website

Click on the link to read about evidence of Roman contacts with Ireland.


Did you know Willy Wonka lived in The Burnaby?

Let's Go Buy Some Toys

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Ok so we decided we would start at the very beginning

and then we heard some sad news. Gene Wilder

who starred as Willy Wonka in the 1971 version of

Charlie and the Chocolate factory died on 29th August of this year.


‘What has this to do with Greystones?’ you may ask.

Well Gene Wilder lived in The Burnaby in 1969

when he was making a film in Ireland.


Click on ‘The Burnaby’ above to read all about this

on the online newspaper, ‘The Greystones Guide’.


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