An Iron Age hill fort at Kindlestown Hill

Harbour View Neil Dorgan via Compfight

Kindlestown Hill is believed to be the location

of a hill fort dating back to the Iron Age.

You can read more about this if you click onthis LINK

How to build an Iron Age chariot

Click HERE to see how to build an Iron Age chariot

Bronze chariot(eers) Dan Diffendale via Compfight

Reviewed by Seán from Third Class: This was an interesting activity.

The story reminded me of what I learned about Egyptian burials,

There were a lot of steps and I found it a bit complicated.

I didn’t think it was as interesting as making fire and bread

in the other Iron Age activity from the BBC website HERE 

Iron Age – Interactive game on the BBC website

Click HERE to learn more about day to day life

in the Iron Age through this interactive game on BBC.

We played this game and we learned

how they made fire,

made bread

and spun wool in the Iron Age..

Staigue Fort Jessie Hodge via Compfight

Reviewed by Seán from 3rd Class. I enjoyed learning how to make fire and make bread like they did in the Iron Age. I preferred this activity to the one where you see how an Iron Age chariot is built. That activity is HERE

A Simple Activity – The Iron Age Kitchen

Click HERE to learn about the Iron Age kitchen and Click HERE on Part 1 to read about how the Celts cooked. Both these activities are from © NGfL / GCaD Cymru

Flax capsules Wessex Archaeology via Compfight

Review by Seán: I visited this activity. I know a bit about the Iron Age already so I felt I didn’t learn anything new. The activity is very simple and not terribly fun.

Food Long Age – from the Stone Age to Post War

Click HERE for a Historical Cookbook

from the CookIt website.

For example you can see what the Vikings,

the Victorians and our GREAT grandparents liked to eat.

Click HERE and you can design a menu for a Viking

or a family during World War 2 who were living on rations.

Waste Not - Want Not Prepare for Winter : Canada Food Board sensitive campaign / « Waste Not - Want Not - Prepare for Winter » : Campagne de sensibilisation de la Commission canadienne du RavitaillementCreative Commons License BiblioArchives / LibraryArchives via Compfight



Interactive activity – The Iron Age in Wales – from the BBC website

Watch this animation to see how a roundhouse in the Iron Age was built. Then click

on THIS LINK for an interactive website from the BBC on Iron Age Celts (in Wales)

to see if you can make one.

Iron Age roundhouse at Butser Ancient Farm 4Creative Commons License Leimenide via Compfight

Review by Leon: I enjoyed this activity. It was fun. But I thought the Druid’s Story was a bit weird. I am in third and I think it might be a scary activity for younger children (say second class) because there is a bog body and an animal sacrifice in it. It is important to remember that this activity is set in Wales not Ireland. There will be similarities but there are also differences. Though Roman graves were found in Bray, the Romans never invaded Ireland.

Cooking in the Iron Age – The Fulacht Fia

This clever animation tells us about

the arrival of the Celts in Ireland.

It also explains how the use of

the fulacht fia for cooking.

Micheál and the Fulacht Fia from The Happy Artist on Vimeo.

4th Class Students Firies National School, Co Kerry

wrote, animated, filmed and performed this animation

with the help of Katherine Mulligan, Firies National School,

Kerry County Council Arts Office, The Arts Council of Ireland

and Kerry Filmmaker in Residence Lisa Fingleton.

We think it is amazing.

You can read more about how the ‘Fulacht Fia’ works if you CLICK ON THIS LINK