Links with World War 1

Click HERE to read about ‘My Adopted Soldier’ by Eva O’ Hara. 

James Joseph Lawless was born in October 1890 in Greystones

and became a soldier in World War 1.

You can read his story on the above link.

4Y1A2709 Roshchino, RussiaCreative Commons License Ninara via Compfight

Food Long Age – from the Stone Age to Post War

Click HERE for a Historical Cookbook

from the CookIt website.

For example you can see what the Vikings,

the Victorians and our GREAT grandparents liked to eat.

Click HERE and you can design a menu for a Viking

or a family during World War 2 who were living on rations.

Waste Not - Want Not Prepare for Winter : Canada Food Board sensitive campaign / « Waste Not - Want Not - Prepare for Winter » : Campagne de sensibilisation de la Commission canadienne du RavitaillementCreative Commons License BiblioArchives / LibraryArchives via Compfight