A Quiz about Greystones – over 50 questions

  1. Where is Greystones?
  2. Is it by the sea or inland?
  3. Who were the first people to live near Greystones?
  4. Where did these Stone Age people live?
  5. How do people know that there were Stone Age people in Rathdown?
  6. What evidence did they find?
  7. Why did they settle in Rathdown?
  8. What kind of houses did they live in?
  9. Draw a picture.
  10. What did they eat?
  11. What did they hunt?
  12. What did they gather?
  13. Who helped them to hunt?
  14. What did they give the wild dogs in return?
  15. How did the wild dogs become tame?
  16. Why are Stone Age people called Stone Age people?
  17. Why did the Stone Age people start to farm?
  18. What animals did they keep?
  19. How did they stop the animals from escaping?
  20. What came after the Stone Age?
  21. What did the people use bronze for?
  22. Why was bronze better than stone?
  23. King Heremon built a ring fort at Rathdown.
  24. Rath is a word that means ring fort.
  25. What came after the Bronze Age?
  26. What did people use iron for?
  27. Why was iron better than bronze?
  28. Why did the Vikings come to visit Rathdown?
  29. Why did the Vikings come from the cold, cold lands to the North.
  30. How do we know there were Vikings living in Wicklow.
  31. What does Wicklow (Vyking Alo) mean in the Viking language?
  32. Windgates comes from a Viking word. Gata means r_ _ _ in Viking.
  33. There was a battle between the Irish and the Vikings at Delgany in 1021. Who won it?
  34. The O’Byrne’s and the O’Tooles were called the wild Wicklow tribes.
  35. What did they do to the castle at Rathdown?
  36. Dermot McMurrough was King of Leinster.
  37. He wanted to be king of all Ireland.
  38. Who did he invite to help him fight this battle?
  39. The chief Norman was called Strongbow.
  40. Why do you think he was called this?
  41. The Normans lived at the castle at Rathdown.
  42. They made it stronger.
  43. How did they do this?
  44. All this time who was living in Greystones?
  45. Why?
  46. Why was Greystones called The Grey Stones?
  47. Who gave Greystones its name?
  48. Greystones was a good fishing place, so who went to live there?
  49. ***Where did Frederick Burnaby live in Greystones?***(This is a trick question)
  50. Why is Frederick Burnaby famous?
  51. His wife was Elizabeth Whitshed. Why was she famous?
  52. What turned Greystones into the big town it is today?
  53. Do you like living in Greystones? Why?
  54. If you had a time machine when in history would you like to visit Greystones? Why?
  55. Will the Story of Greystones have a happy ending?
  56. What do you think Greystones is going to be like when you are a grown up?
  57. How can you make Greystones a better place?